Bureaucracy Buries us All

Bang, bang, bang,banging your head against the wall 

Your insurance claim was declined, damn it all

You forgot to check on small box on page thirty three

Now you get to start all over, whoopee
Nothing is better than a mountain of paperwork 

Sign your name enough to make you go berserk 

But if you want that assistance you desperately need

You better answers questions and watch where you bleed 
Because the clerk won’t accept your forms now because of the blood

You could cry enough to create a biblical flood 

But you don’t, you just painfully start again 

And try to make sense of this system we are trapped in 
No one can treat your injuries until the insurance is right 

No one is at the office because it’s 330 at night 

So as you die on the hospital room’s linoleum floor

You just hope they take away the papers before they shut the coffin door


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