Culture in the Country 

I am a simple southern gentleman

I speak with an accent unique to my region

These two facts do not prevent me from having culture 

A life stereotyped by others of the south would be torture
To the disbelief of most I am not infatuated with my cousin

My yard is not littered with an engine or a rusty Nissan 

I do not decorate my home with commemorative nascar plates

People of different races are not the objects of my hate 
I enjoy reading a well written novel on a sunny day

I become excited over an upcoming theatrical play 

I have visited a museum, nature reserve, and a historical site 

And nothing can compare to a picnic under a starry night 
Please do not judge me unfairly based on my birthplace 

I have not allowed myself to be defined without an individualistic trace

I am my own man and proud of that fact 

If you cannot handle that, then enjoy squabbling to my back 


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