Socialism for the Stupid

Millions died at the hands of the last major socialist leader 
Now the democrats may not be as genocidal as hitler 


Why should I pay for the laziness of another

Why should I have to sacrifice my family because of an irresponsible mother 
I have worked for every dime I have ever made 

I have not lived a life of butlers, sunshine and lemonade 


If you are making minimum wage at the age of 30 you have the wrong trade

Maybe you shouldn’t have been a criminal, or dropped out in 8th grade
Socialist want an unarmed, uneducated nation 

Who welcome an implanted terrorist invasion


Why is it only criminals accuse the police of brutalization 

Most cops just want to protect the community from criminalization 
Some will take offense to this poem I have produced

Some will clap and cheer because we are like minded 


If you are easily offended maybe you should stay shielded 

Because America doesn’t need you around or we will stay forever divided 


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