Misunderstood Undead

Braaaaaaains are not the only delicacy in zombie cuisine

Some of us prefer livers some enjoy the succulent spline 

Hell we don’t really have to eat to exist 

But it’s hard to play D and D when you can’t rotate wrist
So for kicks we chase whorey chicks

And make that stupid noise from zombie flicks 

We smell so bad that no amount of gain will clean our shirts

We would change them but if we move our arms to high it hurts 
Zombies get a real bad reputation 

Maybe we should get Al Sharpton to represent our nation 

Have a large rally in the street

Occupy Atlanta with a million zombies on their feet 
Oh great, here comes the angry mob with their zombie survivalist gear

They have helmets, swords, and pads covering their rears 

Why can’t we just live in peace and harmony

In a world without the livings hypocrisy 
Freedom for all is what they said 

Unless you’re one of the misunderstood undead 


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