Bear it All For Jersey

Let me tell you about Pauly the polar bear 

Who was so fancy he wore Armani underwear 

Pauly had only one dream 

And it wasn’t to catch salmon from a stream
Paulys dream was to visit the jersey shore

And find a nice tan legged whore

He wanted to pump his paw to techno

And talk like a douche bag Guido 
He wanted gallons of gel in his hair 

He wanted a nickname to replace polar bear 

He wanted to gym tan and do laundry

He wanted to do everything they do in jersey
But jersey isn’t the polar bear’s natural habitat 

And Pauly knew that

So he sat in sadness with a tear in his eye 

Because he knew he’d never be a jersey guy
Then like a slap to the face 

Pauly decided to bring Jersey to his space 

He opened the first Arctic Night club 

Which welcomes any and all jersey Cubs 


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