Ode to Odin

The thunderous sound could be heard across a hundred football fields

Tens of thousand Vikings banging their swords against their shields.

Erik riding a majestic white horse was giving an inspiring war speech

The swords banged faster as Erik told Valhalla was now in their reach 
Erik turned to his enemies an army of ice Giants 

Compared to them the Vikings were the size of fire ants 

This fact only inspired the Vikings, it would make for a nobler death

The Vikings had the smell of ale and raw meat on their breath
Erik bellowed a thunderous CHARGE! And galloped away

Thousands of Vikings followed behind him, but treason was item of the day

A spear soared through the marching crowd 

It struck Erik directly in the neck and he fell to the ground 
Erik was trampled by the horde of Vikings marching to their demise

Because among the ranks of the Vikings was Loki the master of disguise

He had snuck in among the thousands of Vikings 

And now he was laughing as he was watching the killings 
This battle belonged to the God of mischief 

Like the beggar with an apple Loki had stolen this battle like a thief 

Loki stood there watching the destruction as he summoned a singing bard

The bard sung of Odin’s weakness because he would not leave Asgard


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