The Chewing Gum on the Boot of Society

If you are poor you might as well dig your own grave

And you better make sure you behave

Or you will be steamrolled by a vicious governmental monster

You will be smashed into the ground or tossed into a dumpster 
The poor are taken advantage of daily

They are forced to live in conditions that are at best shitty

They are forced to work jobs to provide comfort to the upper class

The poor work their fingers to the bone while the rich sit on their ass
The poor would love a college education

They would love to obtain a degree to begin a wonderful occupation 

Yet they are only left the menial tasks, making minimum wage 

They work and work until they are dried up and dying at a young age 
The poor are the foundation of our society

The poor are the ones that are populating the earth with their family 

Providing more slaves to their upper class masters

Providing a new breed of underprivileged workers
So salute to the one percent 

As you struggle to pay for groceries, for healthcare, and for your rent 

You need more than hard work, more than a hope and a prayer

You will need one hell of a miracle to escape the well made trap of the gutter


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