Blinded America

Watch the jingling keys 

As the politicians strip away your liberties 

The governmental lions never lose sleep

Over the opinions of the lowly sheep
Sheep! Is what Americans are

They are so weak they cannot open a jar

The bloodsucking one percent 

Forces you to believe you love your shoddy apartment 
Buy useless products with money you don’t have

Because some suit has a wonderful gift of gab

You have been led to believe you are happy

While you march in to be slaughtered so blindly 
I would inspire you to take up arms

But the media has led you to be scared of being harmed

You have allowed The Man to take away your weapons

You are the wealthy’s pawn
You are engaged in a war

But you do not fight the beast shutting the door

You are idiotically fighting your brethren

And going to church to wash away your sin
So wake up oppressed workers

Remove your colorful blinders 

Be informed of the ones running your life

Because they may be ones orchestrating your biggest strife 


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