Hog With a Watch

Porkchop was your stereotypical boar 

He loved to eat until he could eat no more 

He ate all kinds of things his favorite being slop

He even ate a frozen can of pop
He had one ginormous predicament 

He never knew when the dinner would be sent

Sometimes it came and he was not ready 

He did not like to eat when he was all sweaty 
Porkchop put his mind to work

He would solve this problem or go berserk 

He consulted the wisest pig in the land

He knew Hamhock would lend a helping hand
Hamhock listened to the problem and pondered 

He sat for what seemed like hours without being bothered

Then he exclaimed with great glee

“I have the answer because no one is smarter than me
You need a watch! You know the thing that goes tick tock”

Porkchop was excited but didn’t know where to get a clock

Porkchop left with one answer but had more questions  

And he knew his next destination 
His brother Tenderloin had spoke of such a thing

It was so glorious Tenderloin began to sing

But Porkchop interrupted and shouted “where?!”

Tenderloin annoyed answered “the farmer keeps one in his arm hair”
Porkchop devised the plan that would be the envy of any hog

He would wait for the next thick fog

He wouldn’t have to wait but a week

 a fog set in so thick you couldn’t see your own butt cheek
Porkchop tripped the farmer and took his prize 

He got it back to his pen and brought it to his eyes 

It was a beautiful piece of machinery 

But Porkchop was having some difficulty 
He had the watch but did not understand its use 

He tried many things but it left him unamused 

Tomorrow Porkchop decided he would show Hamhock

His magnificent clock
Porkchop then retreated to his bed 

With dreams of watches in his head

When he could read the watch good

He would know when he would get food 


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