Dream a Dreamer’s Dream

I dream a dream to rival Seuss’s imagination
I dream a dream to live in a fictional nation 

To fight evil enemies with fierce weapons 

From the depths of hell to the halls of the heavens 
I want to fly with Peter Pan, crow with the lost boys

I need to go on adventures with buzz, woody and the rest of the toys

I aspire to fence with the three musketeers 

I fancy to fight bulls to the crowd’s cheers 
I aspire To go over the misty mountain with a group of travelers 

I desire to battle evil wizards alongside the potters 

I yearn for a race in chariots at camp half blood

I thirst to travel with Sherlock and find clues in the mud 
I may never physically do these things with my two hands

This is a harsh reality that I have come to understand

However in my dreams I can do anything 

I can be a werewolf, a demon slayer or even a king
The trick to life is never stop dreaming

Never give up on the things that leave you smiling 

Your imagination is your greatest friend 

And it will stay with you until the very end


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