The Storm Cowboy

 Mother Nature is a cruel heartless bitch

She doesn’t discriminate against black, white, poor or rich 

She will demolish your house car your way of life 

She will even kill the unborn child carried by your wife 
That’s where we begin our story 

In the small town of Ausberry 

A violent angry tornado touched down 

It ravished through the center of town 

It ripped through the home of the Betty and Mitch ford

It destroyed every shingle, every board 
It picked up a pregnant Betty and held her for a long painful ten minutes

Mitch watched in horror as it carried her for miles and finally dropped her in the yard of the Pickets 

He rushed to her side be she was no longer with the living

Mitch cursed the heavens and laid beside her sobbing 
Mitch was a mechanical engineer and vowed to get revenge for death of his family

He knew this could be no random act of a deity

It had to be purposeful it had to be for a reason

Mitch would not rest until there was no longer a tornado season 
Mitch began studying tornados and their patterns

Chasing them across country, living off the land as they do in westerns. 

Mitch traveled on an old red Harley Davidson his wife had bought him 

And a bag he had appropriated from his local gym 
Mitch followed these tornadoes trying different techniques to vanquish his arch rival 

He didn’t know why but he felt there weren’t multiple tornadoes, there was just one that was evil 

Mitch tried, unsuccessfully, to thwart the tornado with a sword, axe, and mace

But each time he ended up bruised and landing on his face
Mitch determined his body movement wasnt fast enough

He would need more powerful stuff 

He tried the conventional weapons the second amendment permits

Mitch decided he needed a way to fire rockets 
He spent the next following months collecting parts and supplies for his weapon

Mitch obtained gun powder from Austin, metal from Birmingham, and propellant from Boston 

He finally had assembled a gun that would fire rockets and was manageable by a single man

And it would not be long before Mitch would be able to test his hell in a can
Mitch stood in a field with his hell in hand with the tornado barreling down

Mitch fired two shots at the base of the tornado with no affect, Mitch was picked up an hurled into the nearest town

Mitch was frustrated but would not admit defeat

That had to be a way for this tornado to be beat
And as he lay in a pile of rubble gazing at his adversary 

He saw a glimpse of something eerily extraordinary 

at the top of the tornado was what appeared to be an angel flapping his wings

And if you listened there was a ominous song he sings
He sung ring around the rosy

Well this song filled Mitch with great fury 

Mitch developed a plan to meet this angel at the top

And end make his life of destruction stop
With hell in his Mitch revved his Harley and gunned it towards the tornado

Mitch drove directly into the storm like a pyscho 

But miraculously Mitch was rotating upwards in the funnel cloud

He was grinning as the storm pelted and pummeled 
Once he reached the top he shouted at the angel 

“Remember me?” And pulled out hell

He blasted the Angels left wing and then the right

The tornado stopped and there was a still in the night 
The only thing moving was Mitch and the angel free falling

The angel was screaming whilst Mitch was just smiling 

They both hit the ground with an earthshaking thud

The angel groaned as he lay in a puddle of blood 
The angel asked, almost to himself, “why, why had this happened”

Mitch rolled to his side and said, “I was going to ask the same thing”

And before they could say another word the Harley fell and crushed them both 


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