Inside the Mind

Am I really friends with the monster inside of my headOr have I just developed Stockholm syndrome 

Am I really in control or am I the one strapped to the bed 

Has this hell really become my home 
Maybe I am the evil twin with the pencil thin mustache 

Maybe I took over this mind I inhabit 

Stand back while I hack and slash 

Through these tangled thoughts with a sword as dull as an oven mitt 
Given enough time the psycho will gnaw through his straight jacket 

And how lovely your face will be when he’s free

We both know his first victim will be his personal nurse ratchet 

But which person in this hypothetical is me? 
I say lock both personalities in a cage 

Toss in a pistol, locked, loaded, and ready to fire

See who benefits the most from their rage

There can only be one king of the mental shire

And frodo is gone 



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