The Dragon Slayer

The songs have been sang

The fees have been paid 

The fireworks have went off with a bang

And the dead are peacefully laid 
So what becomes of the dragon slayer 

The man shedding his blood, sweat and tears 

The man who enjoyed the thrill of danger 

Who never complained about those lost years 
He has slain the last villainous beast 

He destroyed its eggs and nest 

He had conquered all the dragons from west to east 

He has earned a much needed rest
He has accomplished his goal

He had completed his journey 

So why is there a gaping hole in his soul 

Why can he not enjoy the happy ending to his story
He sulks around his average hut

Reliving the epic sword play of his battles 

He is stuck in a horrible mundane rut

Tending to his cattle 
He has lost his self motivating purpose

He has become a normal townie 

He yearns for a pace faster than the tortoise 

He hates the thought of his now extended life expectancy 
The dragon slayer must find a new enemy

Or he will truly self destruct

He will not accept your two-faced pity 

He will find that fire or die in a dirty aqueduct
The slayer is cursing the bothersome wind

When a smile finds its way on his face 

There was a loud rumbling from behind 

He braced for the quickening pace
The creature jumped on his back

Putting its arms around the slayers neck 

But this was not a vicious attack 

This was a warm embrace, not a demon from heck
The slayer had a new adventure 

Train his son to be a great man 

To show love that is pure 

The slayer is completing the maker’s plan


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